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Our Facilities at Kool Kidz Nursery

Buttercup Room (0 to 2 Years)

Our Buttercup playroom is a warm, cosy and spacious area with a homely and natural atmosphere, in which children feel settled and cared for in a nurturing environment where they can explore and learn using their natural curiosity, creativity and inquiry.

The importance of continuity of care is recognised within the nursery therefore children’s individual home routines are followed. The children are encouraged to reach their developmental milestones at their own individual pace through play experiences. Children are provided with the opportunities to participate in stimulating daily activities both indoors and outdoors.

The babies have a separate area to allow for sleep and rest periods throughout the day. They also have access to their own enclosed garden and are taken out for regular walks in the local community.

Parents are asked to provide nappies, wipes and creams as well as sufficient bottles of formula or breast milk if required.

Many of our Early Years Practitioners are experienced mums who can help you with the initial transition from home and returning back to work after maternity leave.

Kool Kidz Nursery

Kool Kidz Nursery


Bluebell Room (2 to 3 Years)

The Bluebell playroom provides a stimulating environment in which children are encouraged to develop their independence and social skills within a flexible and
natural environment.

The environment enables children to explore and learn using their natural curiosity, creativity and inquiry as well as develop their thirst for learning.

The children follow a balanced curriculum suitable for their age and stage of development. All activities are child-centred and incorporate both within our large open plan room and outdoor area. There is time for rest and sleep for children if required. The children experience outdoor play on a daily basis and have access to the main enclosed garden.

They are also taken out for regular walks and make good use of the local community.

Kool Kidz Nursery

Kool Kidz Nursery

Sunflower room (3 to 5 years)

Our Sunflower playroom is a natural and stimulating environment where the staff team aim to make each child feel important and valued.

Through their own natural curiosity, creativity and inquiry children are able to develop their thirst for learning as well as develop their own limits through risk-play.

Children grow up quickly at this age, becoming more sociable, developing new skills and interest and learning more about the world. We provide a place where they can create, explore, play and learn.

The children experience a child-led day following their interests that balances structured activities that are on offer and free flow play, taking into account local and national curriculum guidelines. The children have a large open plan room with plenty of space to move around and explore the many opportunities on offer.

They have direct access to our large garden which they access on a daily basis and are taken for local walks within the local community to visit the library, local parks, and shops.

Kool Kidz Nursery

Kool Kidz Nursery

Nursery Garden

The nursery has a large safe secure garden which is separated into 2 areas for our different age groups.

The children have the opportunity to access a wide range of equipment where they can use their imagination as well as develop their own limits through risk-play. Children have access to loose parts, pirate ship, and our wooden playhouse. Children can also develop skills for life by exploring the see-saw, climbing frame, mud kitchen, embankment slide, sandpits and a wide selection of bikes.

The children can play in our digging area or water area as well as take part in many activities which can be transferred from inside to the outdoors.

The nursery has an outdoor classroom along with our willow dens and the children enjoy growing flowers and vegetables around the nursery garden and in our bottle greenhouse.

The staff team in the nursery believe there is no such thing as bad weather and children access the outdoor area on a daily basis no matter what the weather brings, rain, snow or sunshine.

Kool Kidz Nursery

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